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Remember Who You Are by Ken Winton

Remember Who You Are

Christina has proven herself as one full of skill and the Spirit. Her discernment on editing and her ability to communicate her thoughts are second to none. She has become a phenomenal asset in my own process as an author. In addition to being a expert editor, she has partnered with me to produce the best writings possible. I offer my highest personal and professional recommendation for Christina.

Ken Winton

The Green Ladder

It’s been an absolute joy and honor working with Christina Files as I launched out into the unknown on my first book.  Her editing style was both easy to work with and thorough at the same time.  Every change was presented as more of a suggestion, than a mandate, and I never felt her challenging me in a confrontational way. I felt extremely honored by her at all times and always sensed her passion to take my manuscript to the highest level possible. As a Christian author I was extremely blessed to find out Christina also had an incredible relationship with the living God and a vast knowledge of the scriptures.  Here she not only helped with the technical side of editing my book, but also added a Biblical perspective to the soundness of my theology, and the language necessary to convey the message of my book to the widest possible audience without entering into compromise.  Professional and dependable, accessible and resourceful, reliable and knowledgeable; that’s Christina Files.

Steve Shaw