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My name is Christina, and I am a professional communicator.

Almost the entire first decade of my life was devoted to Christian ministry. I studied the Bible and ministry at Sacramento’s Epic Bible College (formerly Trinity Life) and at Bethel Redding’s School of Ministry. I have a pretty strong foundation in charismatic theology and practical knowledge of ministry.

I studied English Literature and Publishing at California State University, Chico. I know Chico State is thought of as a party school, but at the time it had one of the only publishing undergrad programs in the U.S.  Besides, I hung out with the book nerds who napped under the trees in Bidwell Park with novels tented over their eyes and partying hard meant drinking tiny glasses of ruby port with the cast of Hamlet at the Ashland Shakespeare Festival.

I graduated in the midst of the recession and immediately opened a freelance book editing business, because it was easier than finding a job in a market with a high unemployment rate. I think that qualifies me as an entrepreneur because only entrepreneurs think opening a business is easier than working for someone else. But I was determined to work on books, and I loved California too much to move to New York, the American hub of publishing.

I primarily worked on non-fiction teaching books written by Christian pastors–talk about a niche! I loved everything about it except the fact that I wanted more interaction with real people on a daily basis. Staring a computer screen all day takes its toll. I worked on over 100 published books in various capacities (editor, proofreader, ghostwriter, etc.).

Over the next few years, I dove headfirst into marketing, which is the perfect career for a communicator who likes people. In my last position, I was the Director of Marketing for a remodeling company. I managed everything from branding to detailed marketing plans to creating art for advertising and crunching analytics to maximize lead to sale conversions.

Now, you’ll find me spending my 9-5 in the CalEPA building in the heart of Sacramento. As an Information Officer in the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) Public Affairs office, I write, edit publications, and develop key messages.

In this season of life, I’m available for writing, editing, and branding projects.